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We seek professional translators and interpreters working in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese ONLY.

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Bear in mind: We only send payment to non-US providers via Paypal!
We know this doesn't work for everyone, and we're sorry, but if you can not receive payment via paypal, please do NOT apply.

Preferred Software uses 100% Free/Open Source Software. We will not require our providers to use any particular software, because we believe you should be free to choose what tools work best for you. Still, we enjoy working with others who uphold the principles of the Free Software movement, and highly recommend such tools. See Free Software for Translators.


We thoroughly enjoy working directly with professional freelancers. We accept work from other agencies, however, we do NOT outsource to other agencies (too many middlemen, and it drags down rates for our colleagues). The following form is for individual freelancer professionals only.

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