Translation, Localization and Interpreting Services

Baldwin Linguas is a language services provider, with an international network of technically proficient writers, editors, interpreters, and native language translators, based in New Haven, CT, with partners throughout the USA, South America, Canada and Europe, specializing in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese translations. We specialize in these languages that our in-house staff speak, read, and write, in order to ensure the quality of our services.

Free Software for Translators

At Baldwin Linguas, we use 100% Free/Open Source Software, not only on our web server and file servers, but on our production machines (the computers on which we translate stuff). Especially, we use Debian GNU/Linux, possibly the most stable and secure operating system available. This allows us to spend more time translating stuff, and less time fixing computers, dealing with intrusions, crashes, viruses, spyware, malware, or other technical problems.

the Debian Administrator's Handbook

Just a year ago, I was working on translating the Debian Administrator's Handbook. I had the privilege of translating Chapters 1 through 5 and 7 throught 9. I learned a great deal working on that project. I say,"If you don't learn something new with each translation project, you're not doing it right." My favorite projects are the ones that bring me to learn the most.